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Grüß Gott!

by Richard Fischer

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Greetings from Salzburg, Austria!

Well, I arrived here in Salzburg, Austria a little over three weeks ago and, man, have they been busy!  I have been on-the-go nonstop, which is just fine with me as I would rather be doing something than nothing.  Let’s recap what has occurred over the last three weeks.

On the morning of September 9th, we boarded a plane bound for Munich, Germany.  As tired as were, we all were excited to reach Salzburg.  Upon landing, we were greeted by Nicole and Ingebor, members of the AIFS staff, who helped traveled with us by bus to Salzburg (the traveling never ends).  During the bus ride, Nicole and Ingebor provided a complete packet about Salzburg and what was to be expected.  After about two hours, we arrived in Salzburg and were transported to our housing accommodations.  During the next several days, we were given an introduction to the city with a tour guided by Andreas, who will be accompanying us on several excursions throughout the semester.  In addition, we also began a two-week intensive German course to help us get around the city.  I found the course enjoyable and interesting and I decided to continue taking German for the rest of the semester.

Although I have only been here for three weeks, I have quickly learned how expensive the city is from groceries to restaurants to traveling.  Being a student, however, has its perks as we receive many discounts, especially traveling.

We officially began classes on the 23rd, which feels weird to start as my friends back in America start in late August or early September depending on their school. Nonetheless I enjoy all my classes and it should be a fun semester.


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