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High Hopes

by Dominique Smiley

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I’d be completely lying if I said that I was ready and/or happy about classes starting this semester, but then again, I feel that way every semester, so I suppose it’s not much of a derailment.

I do have to say that finally walking into my first class Monday morning and realizing that I am a part of a world way bigger than I had imagined was an interesting experience all in itself.

Being able to hear where everyone was from, even if they were from the United States, was so interesting because even the simplest things like your location can dictate how you see the world and other people living in it. Out of the 28 students in my class, only one is from London. Everyone else was either from the U.S. or another European country, and if they did grow up the the UK, they had diverse cultural backgrounds.

Since arriving to London, I’ve realized that it is quite similar to America, in the sense that it contains many cultures, some more heavily represented than others, whether through language or dress.

But as much as I suspected similarities in our cultures, there arethings that still take some getting used to…

I am still unsure of whether or not there is a certain unwritten rule for where to walk on the sidewalk. It seems like a small thing, but I feel as though everytime I walk on the right side of the sidewalk, people walking on that same side get annoyed with me. I do move out of the way, but it still rings in the back of my head that I might just be agitating people just by walking on the ‘wrong’ side of the sidewalk.

I do have extremely high hopes for my time here, nevertheless. It’s been such a blast so far, and I can only imagine once I get accustomed to everything, that I will be a pro!

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