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The Key to Battling Homesickness

by Sarah Martin

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After my first two weeks abroad in Paris I think I have discovered the key to battling the ever present feeling of homesickness: embrace it.

The more I was untruthful to myself about being homesick the harder it became to adjust to life here in Paris. Finally after admitting it, I found that the other girls in the program were going through the same feelings. There is nothing more comforting than knowing you are not alone.

I am continuing to fill my days exploring the city. I’ve already found my favorite spots to visit, mostly in the Latin Quarter. As an English minor I love the rich history of literature that fills the streets of the Latin Quarter. I finally went to Shakespeare and Co. today and I know I’ll be a frequent visiter there. I could aimlessly wander the shelves every day I’m in Paris and never see it all.

Climbing to the top of Notre Dame today was beautiful and despite the countless hours of getting lost around Paris, I have found some of my favorite spots that way. I’m anxious for classes to start and to settle into a routine. It really has felt like the never ending summer. Not that I’m complaining or anything. I’m feeling more myself these days and I know all major changes come with their hiccups but I am happy living in my new home in the 17th arrondissement! Versailles is tomorrow and La Nuit Blanche, the all night art festival is Saturday. I can’t believe I am so lucky to live in a city with so much vibrancy. For now I am off to visit the steps from Midnight in Paris- hoping to be transported to the 1920’s along with some other girls. Here’s hoping we actually find them!

Au revoir



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