Home England Homesick….?


by Dominique Smiley

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I’ve been having a blast in London so far, so I have no idea how it came about, but it did, and it hit HARD.

After skyping with my mom, who was sitting in her brand new house, I began really wondering what I had been missing. It doesn’t seem like much, but then again it does. I missed helping my mom move, I missed seeing family and friends who helped her move, I missed my brother who is off in another state working, I missed my dog, I missed my friends back at Howard University. I just missed everything. Perhaps I had been too preoccupied with classes and going out and enjoying London to really have time to think about what I was possibily giving up while being here, but as soon as I got some free time, the thoughts began pouring in. I even starting thinking about the end of the program, and I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to think of good things coming to an end.

I have yet to come to the conclusion of where this sudden change of heart came from or why, but I was able to pull myself through it. During this process, I thought about all the people on the program with me, and how they were in the same position. I figured I shouldn’t worry, as it was just a little phase that was normal and would pass, and luckily it did fairly quickly.

Now when I think of home, I do miss everything, but at the same time, how many people can say they’ve traveled abroad, let alone to the beautiful city of LONDON?!

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