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5 Travel Items of the Week

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‘In Paris, time flies,’ an entry in our photo contest


Our favorite travel items this week:

1. The kolache – a Czech dessert becoming popular in the United States, specifically Texas. Apparently Texas has a “Czech Belt” from the influx of immigrants. Who knew? Sounds interesting and delicious. Now how can we get our hands on some kolache? Read it.

2. When you studied abroad, you were sad when you left and wished you could stay, right? Like another semester or summer maybe? What about 23 years? Well Mike Spencer Bown is finally going home after traveling for 23 years straight. Read it.

3. Acqua Alta! It’s that time of year again- Venice is flooding and the locals and tourists are, as usual, taking it in stride. Read it.

4. NPR ran a great week-long series about Brazil that you can read or listen to on their website. We like this article about the growing art scene, which you should check out this summer. Read it.

4. These travel/wanderlust inspired items on etsy. We’ll take them all, please. Read it.

5. And last but not least, don’t forget to check out all our photo contest entries and vote!

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