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I Promise I Came to Study

by Stacie Nuttall

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Wait a minute; I actually have to go to class while I’m here? I had been so content with stumbling around London, discovering every little bit possible that classes sort of snuck up on me. My classes are great though; I have History of London (which contains a field trip once a week), Operations Management, Fashion and Media, and British Fantasy Writing. Oh, and no Friday classes. Rough life, I know. Three of my classes are at least three hours long though, something I am definitely not used to, as my home university only has classes for an hour and fifteen minutes. If the class length is the worst thing that happens here, I think I’ll do okay.
On Tuesday I went to a Macklemore concert with a group of friends. I think I’ve decided concerts in London beat out any concert anywhere else. The show was absolutely amazing. I even got my first European kiss on the cheek as a greeting. And yes, it is pretty awkward if you’re not expecting it.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
On Sunday, my program took a trip to Stonehenge and Bath. I have to say I was impressed by the amount of rock jokes people can actually think of. I heard at least fifteen from that trip; trust me you don’t want to hear any. I really had no idea what to expect at either place. Stonehenge is fascinating in that no one exactly knows why it’s there. Being from America, my concept of old is not exactly that old. Seeing the rocks and realizing how long they’ve been there was mind-boggling.

While Stonehenge wasn’t the most exciting trip, Bath was incredible. I had been expecting a small quiet English town, but I was shocked to see how big and modern it actually was. The buildings were everything I’d dreamed of when I thought about England. They were so old yet so stunningly beautiful at the same time, walking the streets propelled me back to earlier centuries, centuries I still firmly believe I should have lived in. If there is ever a chance to go to Bath, please take it. It’s the most magical place I’ve seen in England thus far.

After two weeks of being here, I thought the homesickness would have really kicked in by now. Of course I miss my family and I could really go for a home-cooked meal, but I feel at home here as well. After only two weeks I think I’m starting to find my place here. London is so full of life, being able to carve out my own little piece of that has been so rewarding.

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