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Cori studied in Paris last spring and kept an amazing blog. Luckily she is letting us steal some of her best stuff so we can pass it on to you. Of course there are the big sites of the city, but Cori filled us in on the little things she loved about Paris and her arrondissement.


1. My metro line (ligne 4) is incredible

It runs North to South in Paris, allowing me to get anywhere easily. Also, because my station is towards the end of the line, I love the certain occasions when I have the train to myself. 


The station entrance is in the art deco style—one of the few still remaining


2.  Chez Hanna

Turn down Rue des Rosiers, a cobblestone street in the Marais and you will find yourself in a falafel paradise. Resist the temptations of the men that act as falafel “dealers,” who promise you that their falafel is “the best” and find yourself at the end of the road, in front of Chez Hanna, a true culinary gem.


The roasted and toasted eggplant on top of the falafel is worth the trip itself.

The roasted and toasted eggplant on top of the falafel is worth the trip itself.

 3. Musée de l’Orangerie

A very doable museum containing art from dealer and collector Paul Guillaume during the Belle Epoque. Originally the museum was built to house Monet’s Water Lillies, or Nymphs—and it still does upstairs. Downstairs you can find Guillaume’s collection of art from Renior, Cezanne, Modigliani and more.



4. This dog


Guarding his laverie (dry cleaner)


5. Chercheminippes

On a walk home, finding this thrift store that was far from thrifty. Everything in it was brand new! I found Christian Dior lingerie for 36 euros. Steal.


Don’t you want to pack up and go? Read more from Cori and find out about study abroad in Paris on our website.


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