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Exploring Orosi

by Ebony Morris

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After our exciting weekend in Cartago, Phil and I decided Orosi would be our next stop. So we hopped on the bus to Cartago once more, and now that we know where we’re going it’s much easier. We arrive in Orosi and we check into our hostel, La Montana Linda, try to get to know the people staying there. At the time it was just us, a girl who was a missionary, a man from Boston, and a man from Germany. They were all very informative and made sure we were aware of the nature of the town. Unfortunately, we were warned about robberies, but didn’t run into any issues while we were around.


The next morning we set out on our journey. First stop: the Reventazón River and Cachi Dam.


Afterwards, we decided to visit La Finca De Nano. Basically, Nano is a man who lives in the mountains, and he has a 20ft waterfall behind his house. What we didn’t know is that this time we would be literally climbing, in every sense of the word, up a mountain. Unpaved road this time. A very unique adventure, but the payout was worth it!



The Cataracts


After visiting with Nano, and hearing his stories over coffee and getting the grand tour, we walked back down the mountain and stopped at “the overlook”. The view was amazing to say the least…


After 20 or so minutes of staring in awe at the view, we continued our journey back down the mountain, grabbed a bite to eat, and slept the night away. The next day we got back on the bus and rode back to San José. We vow that next week, there will be zero mountain climbing! We’ve had more than enough to last us a long time.


¡Pura Vida!


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