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Dinner Along the Seine

by Sarah Martin

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As a food connoisseur, the dinner along the Seine is not the best you’ll have in Paris. But the view? Mesmerizing. A helpful hint: know exactly where your boat is docking before you set out at full Parisian strut trying to make it to your cruise with five minutes to spare. I have never been more impressed, nor have I felt more like a Parisian woman, navigating the metro and ultimately running from Bir Hakiem metro all the way to the boat dock in three inch heels. I am woman hear me roar!

But what was most special was spending the cruise with my parents and sharing the city of lights with them.

While the price of a dinner cruise will set you back more than a few euros, and the food wasn’t incredible, the atmosphere evens everything out quite nicely. If anything it’s an excuse to put on your fancy clothes and drink a little too much wine- the perfect pastime in Paris.  While a dinner cruise is slightly more on the touristy side, I can’t imagine a better way to see the city. I was able to see intricate details of bridges that I never would have been able to see otherwise.

I opted for the 6 pm boat cruise on the Bateau Parisien. It included a three course meal and two bottles of wine, without the exorbitant price of the 9 pm cruise. Save your euros where you can and hit a crepe stand after! My favorite is near the carousel stand directly across from the Eiffel Tower. Savor the nutella and enjoy the Eiffel Tower as it sparkles. But be forewarned, you may find you never want to leave this city. I am finding it that way!



The whole happy family

The whole happy family



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