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Veronika is studying in Grenoble, France this fall and she checked in with us to tell us about life in Grenoble so far.

I started classes at the CUEF. The classes are structured like in America except for the fact that language classes are every day except Friday- no Friday classes! Also lecture hall classes only meet once a week, which is quite nice. Unbelievably, students barely need to buy any books. I am taking four classes and I only needed to buy one book. The professors here give homework, and one test and one essay which will be given at the end of the semester.

Sometimes I grab a sandwich and eat it in one of the many parks in Grenoble, that’s what I did on Wednesday. I ate in Statue Park, which is right next to the museum of Grenoble. It’s so pretty there! People here really try to enjoy as much of the nice weather as possible because winters are very cold.

Also on Wednesday I volunteered at the American Corner, which is this public information center that relays information about how people here can go to school or work in America. The people there are very nice. I figure why not give back to the public while I am here.

The rest of the week I spent time with my French family. We watched a movie over the weekend called Le Coccinelle Vivent, also known as “Herbie Fully Loaded.” It was a cute movie, though a bit difficult to understand at times. My French family also had a dinner party! They served pork with figs in wine sauce and sliced baked potatoes. Of course this being France, plenty of wine was served with dinner and cheese afterwards. Even though I have been here a month, it still amazes me how late the french eat dinner. They did not eat until 9:30pm and they normally eat between 7:30 – 8:30 pm. I still have some difficulty understanding everything they talk about, but it’s amazing to experience their culture and listen to their discussions (even though I was lost at times)!

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