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Top 25 Cities in the World

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Conde Nast did their annual readers poll and the results are in for the best cities in the world. We are loving the list and especially that six of our study abroad destinations made the list. Read on to see what readers had to say about each city. What is your favorite city? What’s missing from the list?


 24/ Barcelona

“A beautiful and accessible modern city with great food, museums and Gaudi architecture.”

22/ Paris

“They love the food, the history, the sights, the culture, the shopping, and the spectacular scenery. As one reader succinctly put it, ‘Paris is without competition.'”

15/ Prague

“One reader raved: ‘If you can only visit one city in Europe, Prague should be it.’ There is ‘music that permeates the atmosphere and wonderful cuisines, served by gracious people.’ In this ‘adult Disneyland,” expect to see “fairytale architecture, horse-drawn carriages, winding brick street, majestic castles and swans providing an enchanting setting for tourists in the capital.'”

8/ Rome

Rome has ‘endless exploration opportunities.’ ‘It is not a one-time destination so you can return again and again and always see something new.'”

4/ Salzburg

“‘One of the truly European cities still left.’ Most famous as the hometown of Mozart (and those other musical geniuses, the Von Trapps), Salzburg will ‘transport you back in time.’ It’s the perfect place for ‘folks who still care about culture and history.'”


“The art-centric Florence boasts ‘food out of this world.’ This Italian city was not only a hit with the thousands of readers who participated in our survey this year, but it was also the location chosen by our 2012 Dream Trip Photo Contest winner—after winning a $25,000 trip of a lifetime, Florence is where he wanted to take his family.”


Where do you want to go? What’s missing from the list? Tell us and find out more about all of these locations and more on our website

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