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A Night Out at the Opera Garnier

by Sarah Martin

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One word: decadence.

At the welcome dinner for AIFS I was one of the lucky few whose name was drawn for a ticket to the ballet at the famous Opera Garnier. For weeks I have been counting down the days, and naturally picked out an entire outfit weeks prior. I was told to arrive at the opera house early so as to explore and watch as the people head in to see the show. That is the best advice I can pass on to anyone else dying to splurge on a ticket to the opera. It was a part of the experience, for me at least, to watch people from all walks of life and countries arrive to experience something so artistically beautiful.

The experience was so beautiful I could have cried. Walking through the opera house at night is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Again, there is a reason Paris is called the city of light. Every chandelier in the Opera Garnier was lit up and gleaming. I took so many pictures! But when something is that beautiful in front of you, can you really pass up a photo opportunity? Or is that the eternal Instagram fanatic in me speaking? So embrace your touristy side, arrive early, and photograph the way the Opera shines in the night.

There are bars situated on every floor and that is another thing I would suggest to anyone. The drinks are expensive but the best part is sitting and people watching as other couples and families show up to watch the show. The Opera Garnier is set up in a circular formation with tiered balcony seats overlooking the stage and the ground floor seats below. My seats were situated in the top balcony, which in my opinion is the best seat to have. You have a clear vantage point of the show but also of the entire theater. The show itself was a modern ballet; it was beautiful to watch though I do not think I entirely understood it. But, what I have come to realize through years of art school, is that sometimes no one really knows what is going on. The trick is to enjoy the beauty of the performance, which is exactly what I did and let me tell you: the dancing is unbelievable!

It really is an experience everyone should have once in their life. So do splurge if you’re in town!



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