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How Your Study Abroad Can Help You Get a Job

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Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

You’ve seen all the articles about how employers like students with international experience, but here are some other ideas on how to plan/market your experience.

1. Volunteer/Intern Abroad

You can do a traditional internship program in places like London, Florence or Rome. Not only will you still have the “study abroad experience” but you will have something substantial to put on your résumé. Read more about a recent alum who interned in Florence with Emilio Pucci and went on to work for Ralph Lauren.

But if you can’t do that, you can still get involved abroad, whether it’s just volunteer work or something related to your major. At most any of our programs, our Resident Director and staff have different ways students can get involved- volunteering at an animal shelter, with a local charity, or even one of the most prestigious museums in Russia. You can also organize something more formal, like teaching in a school or giving tours at local historical sites.

And don’t forget about the Cannes Film Festival! Spend a semester in the south of France, and then watch as the celebs pour in for the festivities. You can go abroad and top off your experience with a short internship. Read all about it.

And at any of our programs, students can complete a Global Leaders Certificate Program. It enhances your experience abroad, and it gives you something concrete to discuss with potential employers.

2. Keep a Blog

More and more, students are including a body of work or a blog with their résumés For students who are interested in communications, writing, photography, social media and more, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your skills. Hone your writing, show what you learned while abroad, and establish a social media presence for yourself you can market later.

3. Be Specific

Did you include your study abroad experience on your résumé? What did you include? Be specific, and tailor what you include to the job you are applying for. Some companies may be looking for concrete skills or competencies, some positions may be looking for creative, adaptable thinkers.

  • University of Salzburg (AIFS) Salzburg, Austria

Coursework in Political Science and Economics

  • Richmond in Rome (AIFS) Rome, Italy

Coursework in Art History and Literature

For more tips on how to showcase your studyabroad experience in your resumee, check out our guide to Study Abroad & Career Development.

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