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The Russian Winter: Probably Warmer Than Yours

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We asked our students in St. Petersburg about surviving the Russian winter and were surprised to find that many students have found it rather pleasant! Conclusion? Russia: Probably warmer than wherever you are.

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Shelby: I’m from Minnesota and believe it or not, St. Petersburg has been like a heat wave for me.  All of January there was a polar vortex over the land of 10,000 lakess.  It was miserable.  Schools were closed five times, cars wouldn’t start, and you’d get frostbite after 15 seconds in that cold

But now that I’m in Russia, I get to escape all of that!  To me this “cold” weather feels like summer.  There are days that I actually don’t want to wear a coat!  Unfortunately, not all students feel the same way.  Many students from southern states have to wear two pairs of pants and multiple shirts to try and stay warm.  Fortunately they’re not all miserable and are making the most out of the cold.  When we went to Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin, a big group of us had a snowball fight and built a snowman , or I should say snow queen as we named her Catherine.  It is definitely one of my favorite memories thus far!

Ned: You probably don’t want my perspective of preparing for winter; it’s warmer here than in Vermont.

Russia took home the Gold in snow removal

Russia took home the Gold in snow removal


So depending on where you are from, Russia might be the perfect place to escape the brutal American winter! Find out more about study abroad in St. Petersburg here.


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