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St. Petersburg By Night

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Ben, one of our fantastic Alumni Ambassadors, studied in St. Petersburg last year and his photos make the Russian winter look positively inviting! His best advice? Walk, walk, walk around your city and see what you find.

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St. Petersburg is very different from the rest of Russia in that it is full of European charm. When I was abroad, I made a Russian friend, whom I still talk to today. We went on nightly walks that helped me fully discover the city. We would first have tea and then go for a long walk, sometimes ending at the other side of the city.

The frozen balloons at Pushkin Street.

It was a great spectacle because the balloons stayed inflated even though they were frozen.

Balloons in Pushkin Street frozen


Christmas Tree at the Hermitage Museum

Because of communism, Christmas is not as culturally important in Russia. But you will still find Christmas trees around the city, squares, and metro stations.


Christmas tree in front of the Hermitage Museum

Last night in St. Petersburg

Taking one last walk, saying goodbye to a good friend, and taking a photo of the Church of the Savior as a reminder of my time there.


Nightly walk Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

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Find out more about studying abroad in St. Petersburg, or St. Pete as Ben affectionately calls it, on our website.


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