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First Month in Wellington!

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My first month in New Zealand has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I have done so much in these first two weeks that it feels like I have been here for many months!

Living in Wellington is by far one of the greatest blessings I could ask for. The city is amazing, with its narrow streets, art and people there might not be a better place in all the world. The city is cleaner than any other city I have ever been in and I have not met anyone who was less than friendly.


I have gone hiking (or “tramping” as they call it here) and seen views that I could not even imagine or start to describe! I went to the zoo and saw a Kiwi bird, which might have been the most exciting moment of my life. They are the weirdest looking birds I have ever seen. I also got to go to markets that I would have never experienced back in the states and had coffee that is so amazing I wish I could pack up the coffee shops and and take them back to New Hampshire with me! All in all this first month has been the most amazing time of my life and I cannot wait for more!

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