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Barcelona: A Day in the Life

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Two months ago I arrived in Barcelona to study and learn a new culture. I never thought that it would be this incredible.

The first few weeks were a little challenging; not only did I have to find my place in this city but also find a balance for study time, relaxation and weekend excursions. Once I got settled I realized how amazing this whole new experience was going to be.

I begin my day with a café con leche that I prepare for myself in my dormitory. Then I open my window blinds to admire the morning rhythm of Barcelona trotting along Carrer Serdenya. As I walk out the door, I grab my backpack and make sure that my assignments are completed for the day. At 8:20 I meet my classmate in the front door of Residencia Onix and walk to our first class in the Eixample building. We analyze international marketing strategies, for example discussions on the attributes that distinguish Zara founder Amanicio Ortega in the Spanish fashion industry. Or possibly a case study on Starbucks and their product innovations and services. After participating in class, I take a stroll through Parque Ciutadel and admire the amazing mountain and ducks swimming in the pond.


By the evening I am hungry and ready for a delicious bocadillo de quiso with a side of patatas bravas by the local menú restaurants. Next I get ready for my second class located in Sant Pau, where I take the Marina metro towards Sant Pau Dos de Maig L5. I arrive to class and take notes on contemporary art: feminine art, surreal art and art povera. Once class is over, I walk towards the L4 for my Spanish class in Eixample. Here we study and reflect on Spanish culture, ways to live, grammatics and many more important lessons to become a fluent Spanish speaker.

As soon as class is over I jot down my homework assignments and meet downstairs with a few friends from the AIFS program. While walking home we talk about our day as our hearts melt at the sight of La Sagrada Familia created by Antoni Gaudí. When I arrive home I have dinner with my friends from my residence where we experiment with Spanish dishes – paella and tortilla de patatas are our favorites. And in this way we finish our day– chatting, reflecting and lagging over a glass of red wine.

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Sounds like the perfect day! Find out more about Barcelona on our website.

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