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AIFS Goes to Washington

by AIFS Study Abroad

What do we want? Study Abroad! When do we want it? Now! AIFS Campus Representative, Jessie, and two of our Alumni Ambassadors, Jennifer and Ben, participated in NAFSA Advocacy Day to talk to members of congress about the importance of study abroad, and increasing funding and access.

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What is NAFSA?

“NAFSA was founded in 1948 as the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers to promote the professional development of U.S. college and university officials responsible for assisting and advising the 25,000 foreign students who had come to study in the United States after World War II. The academic institutions, government agencies, and private organizations that combined to form NAFSA knew that meeting the needs of diverse students required special knowledge and competencies.”


What did we advocate for?

The first issue that we were discussing was the Senator Paul Simon Study Abroad Act which would give funding directly to institutions to help their students study abroad. At Capitol Hill, the NAFSA members were grouped together by state to talk with their respective senators and members of congress. Our Alumni Ambassadors met with staff from both Senators of South Dakota and Hawaii, and one member of Congress from each state for a total of six meetings. Everyone was very receptive to the Study Abroad Act and said it was something they would support when it’s reintroduced in the Senate.

And as NAFSA describes it, “Give voice to the power of international education and what it means to the global economy.”

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Find out more about becoming an AIFS Alumni Ambassador, and how you can get involved advocating with NAFSA.


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