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Kellie studied in Paris with us last year and she took advantage of the optional orientation program in Cannes. Why was it her favorite class? Read on.

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Although I really loved all of the courses that I took in France, my favorite was the language orientation class that I took in Cannes.

There were two specific things that made this class stand out: my teacher and the class size. My teacher, Serge, was the most unique, unexpected, and challenging French teacher I have ever had. We never knew what to expect when we walked into class each day. There were only six of us, so he was able to connect with each of us individually while still teaching us effectively as a group. My favorite part of the class was after lunch. We would just sit down and talk to each other in French about literally everything. While this doesn’t sound like much, I learned how to be conversational and comfortable while talking in French, something that regular lecture style courses lack.

The language orientation did exactly what I hoped it would, it prepared me for my semester in Paris! I can honestly say that I learned more from Serge than I have in any other French class I’ve taken. It also might have helped that our classroom view was of the Mediterranean Sea!

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