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4 Reasons to go to London in the Summer

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Nupur, one of our Alumni Ambassadors, studied in London last summer and she tells you why you need to go!

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After spending a summer abroad in London, I cannot boast about the city enough.  People who have been there never want to leave, and people who haven’t always dream of one day visiting. If for some insane reason you have no desire to go, here is why you should.

The Parks

Have we been transported to the El Yunque National Rainforest? No, just London where the parks are amazing. They are plentiful all over the city, and even in this huge metropolis you can find a place for a beautiful run, a nice picnic, or just some fresh air. The times a stroll in the park saved my sanity from the hustle and bustle of the city are countless, and only until I traveled to other cities did I realize how lucky I was to have studied abroad in a big city that still values green space.


The Food

London is a diverse city, and with that comes food from all over the world. From sushi or tandoori chicken to classic English pub food, I cannot rave about the food enough. There is everything, for everyone, and it is all so so good. Casual afternoon tea with a side of every dessert imaginable? Don’t mind if I do.


The Views

River Thames could possibly be my favorite spot in London. Maybe even all of Europe. There is something about being by a body of water that makes everything magical, especially when the sun comes out and all of London gathers at the bars and restaurants on the water to enjoy the afternoon. Envision yourself with your best friends, eating tapas, laughing until it hurts, looking out on the river as the sun sets. Amazing, right?



London is one of the biggest cities in the world, which makes it a huge hub for travel. As much as I love London, I loved being able escape and go anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to jet off to Barcelona or even to another part of England, London is extremely well connected with trains, buses, and several airports, that make jetting off for a weekend adventure convenient and cheap. Living in Columbus, Ohio, for me, this was a huge luxury.


London has remained my favorite city and was one of the most memorable times of my life. So much so, that I am still plotting to go back. I hope you get to experience this amazing city and enjoy it the way I did.

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