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The Journey Begins: Flying To Fiji

by Katelyn Saxton

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I had been looking forward to studying abroad for months now and the day had finally come. I was leaving for the airport to catch a plane to Fiji(!) and I was super excited but I could tell that my parents were nervous, as any parent would be.

We got to the airport, checked my bags, and then it was time to say goodbye. We had gotten there early, so we had plenty of time. We gave our hugs and my mom said things like “be safe” and “never go anywhere alone” like a typical mom would.  At this point, most people would be a little nervous, but I wasn’t; I was ready for a new adventure.

Airport security went smoothly and I found the terminal without a problem. Once I got there, I met up with 8 other people from my school (St. John Fisher College) who were also studying abroad in Perth and taking advantage of the chance to go to Fiji. Even though we came from a small school, none of us really knew each other, but we became instant friends.

The flight to Fiji was long but it was probably the best flight of my life. Fiji Airlines knows where it’s at! We had spacious seats, individual TVs  with tons of options, two meals which were surprisingly good, and the stewardesses were always friendly. After 11 hours on the airplane we were ready to stretch our legs.

We walked off the plane and it was warm and sunny- what a pleasant surprise compared to snow in New York! After a couple luggage complications got sorted out (definitely pack clothes for Fiji in your carry-on bag), we met the rest of the AIFS group that had traveled from all over the United States. There were people from Boston, Minnesota, Alaska, Washington, Vermont, and more. I couldn’t wait to get to know everyone and start making new friends!

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