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3 Reasons You Should Go to Salzburg

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It should really be 50 reasons to go to Salzburg (there are so many!) but I’ve narrowed it down to the biggies. If this doesn’t have you packing your bags already, there might be something wrong. Here’s why everyone should visit this European gem, nestled between the Alps and the German-Austrian border.

1. The hills are   alive!

Not only is Salzburg home to the beloved musical tale of the Von Trapp Family Singers, but the landscape is straight off a postcard. That Fräulein Maria knew what she was talking about. Those mountains…gorgeous. You’ll come back with 500 mountain landscape photos and every single one will be breathtakingly beautiful. Just don’t forget to set aside the camera and enjoy the scenery firsthand.


2. It’s centrally located for travelling

Standing almost directly in the middle of Europe, Salzburg is just a train ride or a cheap flight away from virtually any European country. During my time abroad I visited the U.K., Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden (pictured below) and Germany. Interested in Italy? Awesome! Venice is only 4-hours by train! More inclined to Spain or Portugal? Not a problem. Ryanair, my friends. Ryanair.


3. You’ll Never Go Hungry

To this day, I have never met a cook as fantastic as my host mother, Margaretha (sorry mom & dad!) But maybe it’s less the cooks themselves and credit should be given to the actual food. Who can say no to eating nutella-crepes for breakfast, a salted pretzel later that afternoon and a hearty beef goulash for dinner? Don’t forget the homemade apple strudel! Luckily you walk everywhere, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to walk off the delicious dishes you indulged in the night before. Oh, and the Turkish kebabs are heaven on earth.



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