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J-Term 2015: Plan Your Winter Break

by AIFS Study Abroad

For some students, it’s hard to fit study abroad into a schedule full of academics, activities, sports, jobs and more. In 2014 we ran our J-Term programs for the first time and they were so successful we are back with more programs for 2015!

If you have a long winter break, consider studying abroad. Instead of watching reruns and bickering with your family, why not travel the world and earn college credit? A few reasons why you should go:

1) There’s Something For Everyone

You can’t stand the cold weather? Head to Costa Rica and study human rights or environmental science. You want to spend as much time as you can on the slopes? Head to Grenoble and study French in a town known as the Gateway to the Alps. Head somewhere classic like Paris, or eclectic like Berlin. There’s a program for everyone.

2) It Can Work With Your Budget

Since the programs are shorter, it can be more affordable for many students. Without airfare, our program in Salamanca, Spain is $3,195  and sunny Costa Rica is under $3,000!

3) Start Off the New Year Right

Maybe we’re jaded from being in New England, but it can be hard getting back into the swing of things in January. The excitement of the holidays is over and the snow storms are just beginning.

Start the semester off right by seeing a different part of the world. Alumni often refer to their time abroad as the best part of their college experience. Why? The personal growth, the friends they make, how it changes the way they see the world, and the impact is often has on their academic and career pursuits. Go back to school with a fresh perspective, and add something to your résumé. Even a short term program can give you the type of experience or coursework to make you stand out on a résumé or application.

So check out all of the J-Term programs on our website, or call us today to find the perfect program.


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