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Arrival In London

by Lucy Benitez

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Hello There London!

The plane has landed and I have successfully made it to Kensington all on my own. I landed in Heathrow at 8:30 this morning and sent a wonderful message to my mother at 2 am her time. Upon landing I walked what felt like two miles to make it to the customs line whereupon I was briefly interrogated. Once free I headed to baggage claim and caught some good luck as my bag came right on down the conveyer belt. This is where I insert a frowny face for the currency exchange rate, help me I’m poor!

Now it was time to get on the Tube (subway) and ride to Kensington. So it was definitely more difficult to figure out the Tube than I expected because there are so many different lines that go in all different directions. I figured it all out and got on the Piccadilly Line to head into Kensington, and even with a change of lines I still made it! Proud traveler right here.
The proud traveler came to an end as soon as I walked out of the Tube station and on to Gloucester Road because it sure was a whole new world. Street signs aren’t actually on poles similar to America, instead they are hidden on walls and houses. This made the journey to the AIFS Ambassador House much more challenging than I thought. And of course it wasn’t obvious at all that I was foreign with my suitcase, backpack, and map. I may have gotten a little lost and went around the same block a time or two, but by mere chance and perhaps luck I found it!
 Tube Map
After finally arriving I met one of my roommates and we found our room. After unpacking, a very short nap was needed, as to not worsen the jet lag. After my wonderful nap in London my two other roommates arrived. We spent some time getting to know one another and turns out we have quite a bit in common and have already had a lot of fun!
At 3 pm we were taken out on a walking tour of the neighborhood. Kensington, where I am staying, is apparently one of the nicest neighborhoods in London. It even houses a few celebrities like the Beckhams! During our walking tour we found our classrooms, restaurants, shopping centers, and more. So much walking called for a bite to eat at the Builder’s Arm.
As the evening winds down I must turn in for the night to catch up on all the lost sleep over the past two days! Be looking for my next updates as I explore the heart of London tomorrow!
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