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A Visit to Normandy

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It’s Memorial Day and we thought it would be nice to repost this entry from one of our student bloggers. Sarah studied abroad in Paris and wrote about her trip to Normandy:


To say Normandy is beautiful is an understatement. The color of the sand was like something I had never seen before. It was hard to believe that so much devastation happened on those beaches. Normandy should be a trip for anyone who visits France.

Take the extra time to drive to St. Malo. Walking along the beaches of Normandy and Pointe du Hoc can be  overwhelming. This is a place where many people come to mourn. The cemetery, especially, is incredibly moving. We saw old veterans in front of graves and just as we were walking through, it began to rain. The rain had an almost magical quality as it seemed to reflect the mood of so many of the vistors.

Omaha Beach

I do believe my trip to Normandy opened my eyes to all there is to see in France. As a study abroad student my biggest concern (outside of classes) is to visit as many countries as possible.  But I was forgetting that I was in one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world. I try and remind myself daily how lucky I am.

Normandy is a place to visit for many reasons, not least of which is perspective.


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