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See the World With a Summer Travel Program

by AIFS Abroad

Last Updated on March 10, 2020 by AIFS Abroad

If you want to study abroad but are having a hard time choosing just one country, consider our summer travel programs.

Study business, art or fashion, earn college credit and travel Europe for four weeks. What could  be better?

Business and Politics of the European Union

What is it?

An introduction to business in Europe. Learn about the European Union and its institutions, the European business environment, and international trade and finance. There are pre-requisites so read more about it on our website. A must for anyone studying business, finance, marketing, politics, international relations and more.

Where will you go?

London, Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg, Munich, Prague and Berlin.

European Art and Architecture

What is it?

A survey of western art and architecture, with a focus on early and high renaissance. With 50 hours of field trips, you will learn about art in a way that you never could by sitting in a classroom. A must for students of art, history, design and more. Read more about the course on our website.

Where will you go?

London, Amsterdam, Paris, Lucerne, Venice, Florence and Rome.

Fashion Marketing and Merchandising

What is it?

The fundamentals of fashion: history, trends, markets, merchandising and more. Through field trips, guest speakers and lectures, learn about the business of fashion in Europe by visiting the fashion capitals of the world. A must for students of fashion or business.

Where will you go?

London, Paris, Milan and Florence.


Read more about our travel programs on our website or contact us today with questions.

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