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by Lucy Benitez

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It is now my sixth day here in London and so far it has been full of exciting events. As part of my Museums and Galleries, this morning we went to the British Museum. For those interested in history, The British Museum began as a private collection that was eventually donated to the Royal Family and from then on it was open to the public. It was a very beautiful building on the outside and of course it was enormous in scale (go big or go home with museums in London apparently). It has a beautiful courtyard in the front where people seemed to sit for their morning tea and paper, very cute. Once inside the class looked at various exhibits including ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. There were hundreds of pieces within each collection, it was simply astonishing!
For any of you art lovers I want to add this: today I had the privilege of seeing part of the Elgin Marble collection! The Elgin Marble are beautiful sculptures that were once placed on top and throughout the Parthenon in Greece. They were then acquired by Lord Elgin, hence the name Elgin Marbles. It is a very famous and important collection.


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