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A Visit to King’s Cross Station

by Lucy Benitez

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Anxiously Awaiting!

Today by far has been the best day of my trip because today I went to King’s Cross Station to board the Hogwart’s Express! Since I’ve been in England I have wanted to go to King’s Cross and see Platform 9 3/4. I never really planned on a day, but on a whim my roommate and I thought we would search for it. So we took the Tube and to King’s Cross and we began to look. Now we don’t want to be tourists and ask for Platform 9 3/4 because well what if it wasn’t real… So we looked and looked, hoping we would run into it somehow and suddenly it there it was! Turns out it’s a really big attraction there at the King’s Cross Station. There was a hug line to take your picture there and it even had attendants working it.

I ran into the line with complete excitement because all my childhood dreams were about to come true. I grew up learning to read with the Harry Potter series and even had my mom read them to me when I didn’t know how. For years I would go to the midnight releases just to be one of the first ones to experience the new book or film. So as you can image, I was beyond excited to visit Platform 9 3/4! The wait seemed like forever but the staff working was very fun and tried to keep us all entertained while we waited.

 As I got to the front I began to realize that I had to make the right face and pose to show my excitement because I really was having the time of my life! The staff working there had scarves of each different house and asked which house I belonged to so  naturally I said Gryffindor. They placed the scarf on me and even held it up in the air for action shots. I jumped for joy and caught just the perfect photograph!


All My Dreams Came True!


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