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A Final Cheerio

by Lucy Benitez

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After three weeks of living in the beautiful city of London, my time now comes to a close. This morning I will be departing London and returning home to beautiful South Dakota. It will be a long journey all the way home (16 hours in total)!


When you for a study abroad program,  you expect some things and others come as a surprise. You can read all the travel books and research as much as you’d like but, until you’re in the country itself it will never feel real. I was expecting life to be just like the travel books and websites I had read about but it was even better! Research is a very good thing before leaving for study abroad but it will not compare to the real experience. Living the experience is far better than anything you could read in a book. But I highly encourage anyone who is thinking about studying abroad to read into the country or countries you will be visiting-they really are helpful in many ways.


I can say this, living abroad in a completely different city really makes you appreciate home. I do miss common luxuries of home that you wouldn’t normally think of such as ice in drinks, air conditioning, and wide hallways. Differences in lifestyles and countries put things into perspective about your life. I have come to notice that the lifestyle of European countries is much different than America and I appreciate both.

I really will miss my life in England as well. My daily trips to Café Deco for a tea and walking miles and miles (walking really began to grow on me). My roommates and my nightly walks for ice cream and a movie will surely be missed. Most of all I think I will really miss the time away from the reality of growing up. Here I was able to live in the culture, explore, and have a great many adventures but now it is time to return to reality; however, I enjoy reality as well. From this experience I feel that I have had the opportunity to grow as a person because living on your own in a foreign country makes you see things completely different. Yes, there is some growing up but with that also comes the sense of adventure. It’s safe to say I have the travel bug now!



During my time abroad I have learned quite a bit about myself and what I hope for in the future. From what I have found out, the future looks bright!  Since I was younger  I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to travel the world. I have been to five continents and too many countries count. From each trip, I’ve learned something that has impacted me in some way for the better. It really is a blessing to be able to experience the world around you and I know this is something I will continue to do even after I’m old and gray. Studying abroad was a fantastic experience that I will remember for all the years to come. If given the opportunity I would certainly do it all over again!

This opportunity would definitely not have been possible without the help of so many people. First, of course, my financial donors- I certainly have them to thank for this wonderful opportunity for without their generosity I might not have been able to make this trip possible. Next, to my fabulous friends and sisters for their support along the way and reassuring me I would make it back alive(and better!) And finally of course to my wonderful family. Above all, I never would have been able to travel anywhere without them. Their support and encouragement means the world to me-literally.



       I met some great friends and had even greater times. Found an adventure and enjoyed the ride.

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