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Highlights of Venice

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Venice is the easiest and best city to get lost in for one superb reason: there are no cars. It’s such a beautiful thing. Walking is the main form of transportation followed by boats. Imagine walking around a city aimlessly and not worrying about getting taken out by a car or bike. The city paved in water is one of the most romantic destinations I’ve been too. I REALLY missed my boyfriend that weekend.

He's been doing this for 40 years!

He’s been doing this for 40 years!

A few places that you must see are the islands of Murano and Burano where you can purchase hand blown glass jewelry and intricate lace respectively. You have to take a ferry to both islands but your AIFS tour guides will provide a handy boat pass that lasts all weekend!


Spend a day exploring St. Mark’s Square and to take a leisurely gondola ride. Some helpful tips about the gondolas: A maximum of six people can ride in one at a time. The rides are priced at about 80 Euros for 45 minutes (we paid 13 euros each). Ask your gondola guide if he can sing (most of them will serenade your group!)

Our guide's name was Swan

Our guide’s name was Swan



My favorite part of the trip was the Guggenheim Museum. If you love modern art this is definitely your happy place. After seeing about ten museums filled with Renaissance art it was a welcome change of scenery. Also, unlike many other art museums, we were able to take pictures of the displays as long as our flash was off.



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