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My New Favorite Place

by Marley Ghizzone

Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

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I just had my last weekend in Europe and I spent it in Ireland. Traveling was a very long ordeal but definitely worth it. I would suggest to take a plane and book in advance. We waited too long to book and ticket prices went way up. So we had to take a train to Holyhead, Wales and from there a ferry to Dublin, Ireland. The ferry was the coolest thing ever.





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The first day we took a free tour of Dublin offered by our hostel which was really interesting. Dublin, though a city, is way different from London, New York City, or Philadelphia. It has a community feel to the entire place, rather than just some local neighborhoods. Everyone we met was friendly and willing to stop and chat.       

We also got to see bits of the gay pride parade that was making it’s way through the city. That was really cool. We didn’t know that was happening that weekend so it was even more spectacular to find ourselves in the middle of it.

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After our tour we took a short train ride to a small seaside town called Howth. I love Howth. It is my favorite part of this entire trip and nothing can top it. The weather was sunny and warm, with a perfect breeze. The air was tinged with the scent of seawater. I got to climb up grassy mountains, sit on cliff sides, and gaze at the ocean before me. We stayed there for almost seven hours and wished we could stay longer. The place held a majestic beauty words can barely describe and pictures can barely capture.



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