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Trips to the Greek Isles!

by Kara Benkovich

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The past two weekends have been fun-filled outings to different islands in Greece. For our 4th of July holiday, a group of girls and I went to Mykonos. Just a little over six hours away, we took a ferry for 35 euros. IMG_7795 IMG_7798

After dropping  off our stuff at our beautiful Paradise View Hotel, we took a 2 minute walk to Paradise Beach, where we spent all day enjoying the warm, sunny weather and beautiful blue waters!


IMG_7803 1937436_10204266311524053_6799152073071917255_n IMG_7801


It was the perfect holiday getaway!  10455664_10204266295603655_2503936894692886717_n


This weekend, our entire Summer Session 2 group went to Hydra Island. The waters were unbelievable, ombréd from a beautiful shallow ocean green to turquoise into deep royal blue.

IMG_5803 IMG_5812

IMG_7906The best part of the day was definitely the cliff jumping! It was so carefree and adventurous! Such a blast! We spent the entire day there and were completely exhausted by the time we went home!IMG_7916 IMG_7917 IMG_7918 IMG_7919

Soaking in the beauty of Greece during walks along the beach by myself has truly been what I have loved the most about this trip. I have so much time for self discovery and a better sense of the world we live in. No matter where you decide to go abroad, make sure you take some alone time, and enjoy the world and your own thoughts!


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