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Art in Athens

One of the courses I am taking here at the American College of Greece is titled Greek Art in Athens. I enjoy this class particularly because after learning all about the different art forms and ideas represented in the classroom lecture, we go out and actually view these works!

Our first scheduled trip was a thorough tour of the Acropolis, where we saw the

With the gal pals, Morgan (center) and Ali (right)!

The women figures, who all have slight variations, are very significant! It indicates that they are priestesses!

Our next field trip the following morning was a visit to the Acropolis Museum

Unfortunately, we could not take any pictures but we discussed and viewed much of the material we saw in the lecture, such as the friezes and pediments from the Parthenon, as well as ancient amphoras and pots, sculptures like the Golden Boy, and pieces of pediments archeologists have pieced together after extensive study. It was insane to walk through the entrance and see the parts of the museum with glass floors where you could see excavations of the ancient civilizations’ homes and community structures. This was the best picture I could get 

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