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Coming (Back) to America

by Marley Ghizzone

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I have arrived back in America, land of the free and home of the brave. My time away was a once in a lifetime experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity.





photo 1 (3)Studying abroad really did broaden my horizons. When people say “broaden my horizons” it is immediately believed or assumed that they have changed from what they originally were, or will change their path in life. This can be true, but that is only one aspect of broadening your horizons.



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Study abroad taught me a lot about myself. It was weird to realize a lot of what I thought I definitely loved or hated wasn’t true. I thought I loved cities and hated nature or being outside, I thought I didn’t really belong in America or have much American pride, I thought I wouldn’t mind being on my own, without my family.



Study abroad was seeing the world and doing new things. It was knowing that there are a lot of fun, cool, and different things out there and that the world extends beyond the New Jersey suburbs. For me, it was taking in the world and knowing I love living in those New Jersey suburbs.

I know where I belong now and I know myself a little bit better from this study abroad journey. I can’t wait to begin my next adventure. I hope to find myself back in Europe someday, but for now I will cherish what I have.

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