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Updates From Our Summer Bloggers

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Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

What are AIFS students up to this summer? Learning Russian, discovering Sherlock Holmes all over London, finding similarities between Costa Rica and Taiwan, and learning about realling seeing the city you are living in, even if it’s for a short time. A challenge of doing a short term study abroad program is not having as much time to take in the culture and immerse yourself. The solution? Make the most of your time! Read up on all of our summer bloggers here. And see the updates this week from our student bloggers:

Struggling with the language (especially Russian!) is normal; but working through the stumbling and disjointed conversations makes all the difference. “Russians […] are curious about the American perception of their culture. It can be somewhat of a challenge to set aside any knee-jerk cultural imperialism but those conversations, especially the most uncomfortable ones, are helping me come to understand cultural differences.” Read Eileen’s full post here.



england 2013 118Think Sherlock Holmes is an old, stuffy show on public television? The BBC’s Sherlock Holmes is a thrilling, modern take on the detective series. Sherlock Homes as a character is inseparable from London; indeed, the city itself plays such a large part in the mood and pace of the show, it could almost be a character in itself. “ Read Cailin’s full post here



IMG_4557When you study abroad, there’s usually a little bit of culture shock. For one student though, it was the reverse. I immigrated to the US from Taiwan when I was 8 years old and I thought that experience would make my transition during study abroad easier. What I didn’t expect was how many similarities there are between two countries so far away.” Read Helen’s full post here





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