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Overpacked, Underprepared

by William White

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As I lay here, I contemplate whether I shall start another episode of The Office or start to organize my belongings. Two and a half years of living on a college campus without going home have really added to my hoard of random things that I must trek around to each living arrangement. This time, instead of moving across a small college campus, I get to move my essentials to the other side of the world; bringing only what I can drag and carry through the airports of Europe.

My family and I visited Salzburg last winter and immediately fell in love with it’s beauty and culture. I chose to return for the semester in order to dig deeper into the city’s historic and cultural background. While I only had an overnight visit to explore the city last winter, this time I will be allotted an entire semester to explore. When I tell most people that I am traveling abroad, (being a student at Gonzaga) they always assume “Oh, s0…Florence.” The typical Gonzaga student who studies abroad chooses Florence due to the familiarity with the school in Italy. In fact, while applying through my school, I was asked at nearly every step of the way, “Are you sure you don’t want to go to Florence?” My stubborn attitude aside, I chose to go to Salzburg.

While I do know a bit of German and am slightly familiar with the area, I am studying in Salzburg to further my German language skills, to immerse myself in a foreign culture, and to look for adventure on a different continent.

In a little over a week, I will have condensed my belongings and set off for my journey. It has not even hit me what a change of scenery I will experience in just over a week. I have no idea what to expect. I have never studied in a foreign country or even been in a different country for a long period of time. One thing is for certain, these next few months will be filled with all new adventures, friends, and memories.

Yet again, I’m staring at a large pile of clothes, poorly chosen college posters, and random boxes. So let the studying and preparations begin! Well, maybe not yet. The Office is looking pretty appealing once again. Hopefully I’ll get this Netflix issue sorted out because before I know it, I’ll be on my way to Salzburg.

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