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Trans-Atlantic in Row 26

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Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

Hello from London!

You know it still really hasn’t hit yet: You’re not in America! You’re in Europe! (Well the U.K. for the next three days.) I’m literally sitting in the passenger seat driving on the wrong side of the road with Great Britain license plates flying by (I win mom!), but the realization still hasn’t hit.

Back at the airport in the States, I met two of my program participants, Alexis and Janisha. We all got there about the same time and we instantly clicked, which is pretty awesome. The plane ride on the other hand…

Sitting in Row 26 was a very interesting way to kick off my journey abroad. Now, as I’m driving through the streets of London, joined by my roommate Shelley, we are of course doing the whole Oh My Gosh! Thing.

Janisha: “I feel like there should be wrong way signs everywhere,” probably the best line so far. Which is true, I feel like I should be driving sitting on this side of the car. Being in London is completely different: the cars, the road rules, and of course the accents are to die for. And the weather is actually really nice, a little overcast but nice and cool.

I’m sure as we go sightseeing today I’ll be way more giggly, girly excited. My camera is going to get some miles on it! Good bye lovelies! The adventure awaits!!

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