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It’s Finally Here

by Amsley Senkbeil

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NebraskaAfter an exasperating day of packing (yes, the night before) I finally have a second to sit and write. I still can’t believe that by this time tomorrow, I will be in a different country. The thought of traveling has always been on mind, especially after living in Lincoln, Nebraska my entire life. But now, it’s here. And am I excited? You could say that; along with nervous, anxious and so, so excited.

Thinking about all of the adventures that are about to take place is a little bit intimidating but it’s that kind of “intimidating” where you have butterflies throughout your entire body and need a pillow pet to know everything will be okay.

Maybe it’s crazy, but here is my list of what I’m most excited for:

1. Leaving Nebraska

Don’t get me wrong, I love my home state and will miss football Saturday more than anyone knows, but I’m begging for a change and here it is. Maybe I’ll end up staying (which my family would hate) but hey, it’s France!

2. The Language

I have been in love with the French language since I can remember. My grandma introduced me at a very young age and it just stuck. I cannot wait to be completely surrounded by it, extremely overwhelmed, but so in love.

3. The Food

To say that I’m a foodie may be an understatement. I love food – all kinds of food. I’ve never had true French cuisine so I am very excited for a new palate. I know I’ll miss some of my favorite cravings (Runza, duh) but I’m already eager to try crêpes and escargot! And to indulge in the French dinner, where we celebrate and enjoy a meal for hours.

4. The Adventure

I love adventures. I live for them. And now I’ll be living in a different country where those adventures are endless. I’m ready for a spontaneous weekend getaway or an unimaginable night. Whether it be big or small, I’m ready for the adventure.

So I’m ready – at least as ready as I can be. I cannot wait to begin this experience, this adventure, and I hope you keep up with me as I go. Au revoir!


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