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Err, Bonjour

by Amsley Senkbeil

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The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.

– Dean Acheson

After a week of pure adventure, which included meeting new people and of course, getting lost in foreign cities, I am all moved in with my host family. It was an emotional week and nerve-racking 24 hours, but it’s just the beginning.

I was dropped off at an elegant home just outside the ‘centre ville’ where a family of 8 greeted me. Being an only child, this was quite intimidating and all I could really manage was a ‘oui ou non,’ and that’s no way to make an impression.

I was sent right up to my room – on the very top floor – to unpack (défaire mon valise) and make myself feel at home.

What I realized though, waking up this morning, is that it’s not that easy – making oneself feel at home. I was thrown into this new environment where I was told to adapt. And that’s it.

I was nervous asking questions, I still am. And it’s quite the task to comprehend what my little host siblings are saying, but that’s all part of the experience. Throughout the day it has become easier. Not by much, but we’re succeeding with baby steps here. I played games the entire afternoon and went on a walk to make sure I don’t get lost on my way to campus.

So, I’m trying to adapt. It’s what you have to do; and for the next three and a half months, it’s my goal to interact with the family. Not just “oui ou non” but instead, engage and laugh and love with what I’ve been given. Being thrown into a new environment is difficult, especially with a foreign language, but if I can conquer my first day, then I am hopeful I can conquer this semester.

It’s been said to take one day at a time. I encourage everyone to do this, whether in a new environment or not. C’est la vie!


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