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New: Maymester and September Programs

by AIFS Study Abroad

As students have more and more to pack into the school year, sometimes a short term study abroad program is the answer. And for many alumni, they take the opportunity to go abroad again for a short time!

Along with our J-Term programs, in 2015 we are offering a Maymester program in Florence and a September program in Salmanca, Spain. So if your school ends early enough or starts late enough, why not take the time to go abroad?

Florence: Study painting, history/anthropology or sociology in Florence for 3 weeks in May. The weather is perfect and it’s right before the tourist rush – an ideal time to go! Our amazing Richmond in Florence staff arrange activities like pizza making, gelato tours, museum visits and more.

Salamanca: Start the semester right, and get an authentic, immersive experience studying Spanish among native speakers, with our September program in Salamanca. No previous study is required, so whether you are just starting out or have been taking Spanish in college, this is a perfect program to boost your comprehension.

Find out more about all of our programs on our website or contact us today!

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