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A Not So PRE Departure Post

by Nicole Grinager

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001Get Smart is quite possibly my favorite movie. It is action packed, hilarious, and even a tad romantic. What more could you ask for? It also has one of my favorite quotes, “Missed it by that much.” I use this quote often as it can be applied to many different situations. This time it applies to my requirement to upload a pre departure post before my semester abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica. I missed the deadline…by that much. Therefore, this has turned into a departure and arrival post.

It has already been an exciting adventure! This last week flew by, and before I knew it, I only had 24 hours left at home. The realization that I needed to put my belongings in my suitcase hit hard as I ran around my house grabbing practically everything in sight and stuffing it into my bags. My super-secret technique to getting everything to fit….sit on your suitcase. Works every time.

After numerous tearful goodbyes and well wishes, I boarded the plane and began a new adventure. During one of my layovers, I managed to check Facebook, and saw a couple of photos my friends had posted. My friends and I had posed for a picture at the airport before security and apparently, they returned to take the picture again without me, creating before and after pictures. Even though people sitting around me at the gate probably thought I was crazy, I couldn’t help but laugh. It made a tearful goodbye a happy one.

Now I am waiting at gate E15 in the airport in Houston waiting for the plane to take me to Costa Rica. I cannot describe how excited I am for this semester! I will be spending four months in beautiful San Jose, living with a host family, studying Spanish and experiencing a new culture! While I did a little research about Costa Rica, and feel prepared for the majority of the things I will encounter, I know this semester will blow my expectations out of the water!

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