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Granada: Hogar Dulce Hogar

by Bree Leggett

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I have been living In Granada for two weeks now and I cannot even begin to explain how quickly time is going by. It has been very difficult to completely grasp life here. It has not been difficult to grasp because of the language barrier, culture differences, or even because of the basic differences in living here versus living in the United States. It has been difficult to grasp because every day feels like a dream. Every day a new discovery is made, a new lesson is learned, and something beautiful is seen. I want so badly to completely grab on to every new experience and every new sight that is seen, but as soon as it is here it seems to be gone. That is the beauty and the tragedy of traveling abroad and living largely. I still have three months left in Granada to further discover the city and nearby countries such as Morocco, Germany, Portugal, and France.

When I first arrived in Granada, 3 months seemed like an eternity, but now it seems like barely enough time. This realization provides me with the mindset and the determination to be as self aware as possible during my time here abroad. To revel in every emotion, whether it be negative or positive so that when I look back on my time here I can say and feel that I lived every moment to the fullest. Being away from the comforts of home and being outside the bubble of what you are used to has a way of shaking the soul and making you feel like you are living in a dream. It is an experience worth chasing after. I’m sure you can tell from these thoughts that Spain has been treating me well. The slow paced city life, the food, and being called guapa everywhere I go sure makes life here fabulosa.

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