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Classes Begin

by Katherine Gesoff

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This past week has been one jam packed week! Classes started on Monday and I was not as prepared as I thought I was. Did I have a backpack, paper, and pencil? Yes, but was my mind back from summer vacation yet? Nope! I am taking a lot of communications courses, but one in particular seems to be drawing my attention; that’s my Modern Popular Music class. It is so interesting and so refreshing, plus I don’t know anyone who would be troubled by having to go to concerts for their class! Though I have one class on the Richmond campus, traveling between campuses is easy!

LONDON 070I simply take the Tube from Gloucester Station to Richmond Station and then take a bus to Richmond! I actually enjoy this travel time more than I expected; I get to see such beautiful landscapes and architecture, plus I get to be around a lot more locals, which is exactly what I wanted. After a long week we had a ‘Start of Term Party’ on Friday. After a very eventful Friday evening, nearly all of us gathered at 9am to take a charter bus to Bath! It was so beautiful and such an amazing cultural experience. From touring the Roman Baths to walking around the city itself and finding a delicious pizza and ice cream place, to watching part of the Scotland vs Georgia rugby match, we all thoroughly enjoyed the tour guides and the life of the city!

It is so fantastic to be in such a cultural place, full of surprises around each and every corner! I am so in love with London, and truly do not want to leave.



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