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Just Let That Sink In…

by William White

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The coffee here is phenomenal (being said b a former Seattle-ite)
I absolutely love the rain and the weather here.
I have gotten to explore more than ever.
My morning runs have been through mountains and fortresses instead of average Spokane, WA.
The food is beyond what I could have ever imagined.
The people are great and full of great stories from different backgrounds.
I’ve seen lots of great history throughout the town, including a falcon show.
I’m running a half marathon in 3 weeks in Vienna.
I’m practicing my German and starting classes soon.

There. That’s for you, Mom.

Anyway, all these truths are things that have come to my attention since I have been in Salzburg this past week. The best part is, I get to live here for the next three months. And not only do I get to live here in this beautiful city, I get to use it as a springboard for my adventures all over Europe. The reality of living in such a great place is finally sinking in. Once classes begin, I will have even more time for the reality to set in.

Also, “Jubel” by Klingande is a great song. Here is why:

I was running through one of the mountains around the city this past week. I decided to get up and run after a tough night of sleep, barely dragging myself out of bed and into the misty Austrian morning. My run began with what felt like a vertical ascent. It was very steep the entire way until I reached the top. Once I began to run down, the clouds began to lift and the sun began to show through so I could start to see the city. Near the bottom of the mountain there is an overlook from which you can see the entire city when it’s clear. I stopped here on the way down just in time to see the city being illuminated by the rising sun. On a bench near this spot was a man who was enjoying the same view with a small radio to his side. The song “Jubel” was playing at this moment.

It was like a gift to hear this song. A song we played so much back home had followed me across the globe. This moment reminded me of how blessed I am to have this opportunity. The language is tough, I don’t know the city, and I barely know anyone, but everything is right in the world. Everything is fine.

Just let that sink in and remind yourself how great things can be.

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