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by Amsley Senkbeil

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“I get up in the morning looking for an adventure.” – George Foreman

This past weekend was packed full of adventure and activities. We had an excursion planned to visit the Cuves de Sassenage on Friday (caves), but because of excessive rain it was cancelled. Don’t worry, we still made the most of our day. A little group of us wandered through Grenoble, making our way to the Musée Dauphinois. The museum showcased a neat display of the role France played during WWI. The view from the top, a place to reflect on the history, isn’t too shabby either.



(Grace, Marie & I needed to selfie it)

Saturday was Coupe Icare! And it was amazing. Coupe Icare happens every year just outside of Grenoble, in the Chartreuse mountains. Crazy, crazy people dress up in some hilariously outrageous outfits, they then run off the mountain and paraglide down! We estimated there were about 200 or so of these crazy people. Some even did acrobatic tricks in the air.

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It was a great start to the morning, watching some amazing sport that reminded us of How to Train Your Dragon! And also, the few entertaining wipeouts. We laughed too hard and made good memories.


That afternoon, we made sure to grab some much needed (and expensive, dang it) ice cream. I had une boule of mango and une boule of raspberry. YUM.

This weekend was also Journées du Patrimoine. It’s pretty much what we would call a “history weekend.” Lots of people come into the city to discover their history and heritage. Many museums and other landmarks were free or had reduced cost, and different performances are put on throughout the day. After our ice cream, Marie and I decided to go on a little walk and stumbled upon the cutest brass band. They were playing some local favorites and had all the children circling the park, dancing. It was adorable and exactly how I imagined the streets of Grenoble to look ( and sound)!

We ended the night at the Maison de la Culture of Grenoble (MC2), which celebrated it’s 10th birthday! A free concert was going on so how could we say no to that?! Olivia Ruiz performed. We had no idea who she was but enjoyed the punk, folk, rock concert? Not sure, but it was entertaining. And it was so French! Olivia had been in Grenoble for a few months before the show, and she incorporated choreography by professional dancers to her music.

The weekend was long and a little exhausting, but like I said, an adventurous one. And it has to be that way! That’s how we make the best memories. Because when someone asks if you want to go on an adventure, the answer is always yes.

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