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New Summer Programs in Ireland

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Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

Along with the standard summer courses offered by the University of Limerick, AIFS is offering new, major specific courses for the summer.


Engineering 400/ME4000 (4.5) | Technical Communication for Engineers

This course will develop non-technical skills that are very important to every engineer. Through the use of a design project we aim to encourage a spirit of research and self-study which focuses on sustainable design and Life Cycle Analysis. The project will also allow oral presentation skills to be developed. Another aspect of the course is to ensure more technical aspects of Engineering communication are covered, including the proper use of Engineering units and communication of designs using Computer Aided Design (CAD). The solid modelling element will be tailored to take into account how much CAD students have already completed.


The Kemmy Business School: Summer School in Responsible Business will offer three modules under the unifying theme of ‘Responsible Business.’ Students will choose one 3 credit module from the following options:

Finance/FI4000 (3) | International Financial Markets and Trading

Finance/AC4000 (3) | Corporate Social Responsibility

Business/MG4000 (3) | Business Tools for Social Projects


Urban Laboratory Architecture Program:

The Urban Architecture Program aims to make architecture relevant to governance everywhere and draws on a fast-paced design studio environment run by a team including architects, engineers and philosophers from all over the world. AIFS students will have the opportunity to collaborate with a select group of students from the University of Limerick’s innovative architecture program. Beyond architecture and urban planning, the program targets graduates from a variety of disciplines that bring a specific interest in architecture. Students on this program take both courses listed below for a total of 6 credits.

Architecture 440/AR4407 (3) | Architecture Intelligence Unit

Architecture 400/AR4000 (3) | Limerick: Local History and Urban Governance in Architecture


For more information, visit the Limerick section of our website. 

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