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by Lance Morgan

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As I sit on my couch, typing these words you see here before you, I still have to pack another suitcase, take my sports jacket to the cleaners, pack my carry on bag, get a haircut, pack my personal backpack, and get my adapter (which I already bought, but just left in my car). This, my friends, is an improvement to my previous years of waiting to do everything until three hours before my flight. I am maturing.

Because we haven’t been formally introduced, hello. My name is Lance Morgan and I am leaving for London in two days. As I typed the last eight words in the last sentence, my breaths became more frequent and my eyes widened in horror. I am freaking out. Do not be concerned for me though, this is a normal human behavior. I remember when I left home for the first time two years ago how terrifying it was. This is nothing compared to that.

For the past two years, I have gone to school across the country at The University of Tampa. I love my school, even if it took me a long time to get used to the distance. This summer, as I was driving to work, I would pass a billboard for a bank that had the phrase “You’ve come this far. Go further.” I do not think there is a phrase that captures my reasoning to study abroad better than this.

I have made myself comfortable and happy at my school across the country, but I want to go further. I don’t want to be content staying where I am, I want to travel and explore other places in the world. To quote Jenny Lewis in her song ‘The Voyager’, “The voyager’s in every boy and girl. If you want to get to heaven get out of this world.” We all have a need to travel in our lives that we should act on. If we want to know ourselves, we have to get out of our worlds, which can be a city that you’ve grown up with and never left, or the comfort of having our parents take care of us. I am not saying that if your life falls in one of these circumstances there is a problem, but everyone has to step away from their comfort to experience what the rest of the world has to offer.

If you had told me at the beginning of the summer that I would miss my 8-5, I probably would have laughed in your face; eventhough you would be right. I learned a lot over the summer about how to manage work and a personal life, how important a work ethic is, and how wonderful people can be. I worked with some amazing people who have inspired me to pursue what I want in life, and to always surround myself with inspiring, impressive people.

My birthday was two weeks ago and one of the best gifts I got was a guide of London from my mother. Now I know you must be thinking that I must be the most dull person in the world to be excited about a little guide of London. And eventhough you are 75% correct, this guide is great. It has the whole city mapped out into regions, and a list of things to do and see in the city organized by category, like food, entertainment, historical buildings, shops, etc. I love this little book (that I have already read through five times) because it made it all the more real that I would be living in another country in a couple weeks.

Now that we are getting to the end of my first post, I want to give you comfort in the fact that I will be here posting every week about my journey. I will post pictures, videos, and more lovely writing like this. I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to share this with everyone who decided to read and I will not let you down.

So I have a choice now, start packing everything I need to survive for the next 3 1/2 months into two suitcases and a duffel bag, or binge watch an entire season of a show on Netflix. I have no idea which one I will do, but I will leave you with a goodbye told to you in the language of the country that I will be calling home very shortly: “Goodbye!”

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