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Layover in London

by Devan Carr

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One of the best parts about AIFS is the included travel, basically because it means less work for me. I started by flying out of Boston with two other students in my program. AIFS organized a 3 day layover in London before heading to Prague, which was great despite the killer jet lag (also my initial crisis of somehow forgetting my debit card? Don’t want to talk about that though). It was an awesome opportunity to meet other students and explore. The first day we went to Notting Hill which was my favorite part of the weekend. The street markets went on for at least a mile, selling everything from antiques to gyros. We also found a warehouse turned art exhibit/live music venue.


The next day, AIFS organized a guided double decker bus tour which brought us to the big tourist sites in London. We were able to hop out and snag pictures across the city. We saw the London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Camden Market, The Tower of London, and more all before noon. After the bus tour we were free to explore the city until our early flight the next morning. We were able to travel by tube, see original Van Gogh’s and Renoir’s at the National Gallery, wander through Picadilly Circus, and eat some fish and chips before calling it a day.

Though it was a busy weekend, the mix of structure and free time made it work perfectly. I could choose where I wanted to go without compromising any of the major sites. The free time also kept it from feeling rushed, as we could stop and check out anything that caught our attention. While London was a great experience, the exchange rate alone made me grateful for my decision to study in Prague!



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