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Adventures Abroad: Tackling Coursework

by Lauren

Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

Here I sit trying to write my first paper as a study abroad student. I’ve already refreshed my Facebook feed countless times, scrolled through endless pictures on Pinterest, started planning an upcoming trip to Croatia, and I just took a random quiz to find out which Disney Princess I am. It turns out that I’m an Ariel…

I really do not want to write this paper. The assignment is a 5 page analysis of The Handmaid’s Tale for my Contemporary Women’s Literature course. Looking back a few months, I would have no problem getting started on this task, but my recent experiences and travels have made schoolwork impossibly mundane.

I’ve been busy having fun all over Europe this past month. It’s incredibly hard for me to settle back into these sorts of responsibilities, especially when I remember that I woke up in Prague just yesterday! However, when it comes down to it, I find that it’s important to always look ahead. The deadline for this paper is approaching quickly. Sure, I will have to pass up the opportunity to go out with friends this weekend; but, guess what? I’ll be in Croatia next weekend and Dublin the weekend after that and Paris the weekend after that!

In ten years, I won’t remember this paper, but I’m sure I will remember my adventures abroad. In a few days, this paper will be over and I will be packing for my next trip. This paper is a small element in the journey to receive my bachelor’s degree – the key to scoring a great career. The effort that I put in now will pay off so I can continue exploring the world.

Time and experience have really given me a different perspective, and have made me think about the way I want my life to progress. Exploring the world is an even greater priority for my future, but travel requires the right job and income. I have to work hard now for future success; and that means finishing assignments and scoring all As in my courses at the University of Limerick.

Now that I’ve given myself this pep talk, it’s time to start that paper; but I’ll leave you with a few awesome pictures from my extended weekend in Prague.

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