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We love hearing from our student bloggers and what they are doing, seeing and learning abroad. Even just a month or two in, it’s amazing to see the transformation. What have they learned? What advice can they give so far?

Do things that scare you.

Aimee, South Africa

“So when anyone asks what I feel has been the most impactful part of being abroad, I can’t mention just one experience or one moment; it’s been the learning and the realizations that have come from the culmination of so many experiences. I’ve found that the more I do things that scare me, the fewer the things there are that scare me anymore. I will always remember South Africa as a place that has both challenged me and empowered me to discover who I am and what I am capable of.” Read the rest here.

Prioritizing is not selfish.

Katarina, Barcelona

“Every day there’s a part of me that is ticking down every minute I am here. I worry that I won’t get everything done. The important thing is to never hold yourself back because no one is following. You want to go out tonight and no one else does? Go anyways. No one else wants to get up early to explore? Go anyways. I constantly have to remind myself that in 10 years, I’m not going to remember the nights I was a follower and unhappily did what everyone wanted, but I’m gong to remember the day I checked things off my bucket list.” Read the rest here.

It’s a learning curve.

Will, Salzburg

“Life for me in a foreign country is about living in the moment. Its about making decisions on the spot in order to have a fantastic time. Sometimes they work out while other times they don’t. Great stories are not always made by planning to do something next weekend. Sometimes they consist of catching the next bus, finding a mountain, and getting lost. An adventure is always out there, the challenge is finding it.” Read the rest here.

You are not always right.

Caroline, Costa Rica

“In fact, often times you are going to be wrong, at least in the other person’s eyes. And the concept of right and wrong is relative. I have met people of all different backgrounds with different beliefs, practices, opinions and lifestyles, and what makes any of them wrong and my way right? Sometimes you just flat out won’t win their vote and that’s okay.” Read the rest here.


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